Thomas Fox and Tim Khasanov-Batirov talk about compliance in the post-Soviet States, courtesy of FCPA Compliance Report

In this podcast you will find anwers on the following questions:
1: Can we define this region as a single territory for the Compliance program structuring?
2: What regulatory trends should be taken in consideration by compliance practitioners in charge of this geography?
3: What is the biggest challenge in embedding corporate Compliance program in this region?
4: What are practical recommendations as to “dissemination of integrity” among personnel locally?
5: Is it legally permissible to deploy FCPA/UKBA programs in the countries of the region?
6: What is the most effective way to deliver training in this part of the world?
7: If there are any important things to remember when imposing penalties for misconduct on local personnel?
8: Do people on the ground appreciate compliance & ethics efforts?

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